Go Aarhus is a printed destination guide that presents the best of Aarhus and its surroundings.
Go Aarhus has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of the city’s best hotels and is the only marketing platform in Aarhus that features a hand-picked selection of particularly exciting restaurants, shops, cafés and experiences in the area. The Go Aarhus guide is distributed to 25 selected hotels in Aarhus and its vicinity.



The following hotels use Go Aarhus and the online guide to ensure that their guests are recommended the best experiences during their stay.

In the municipality of Aarhus: Hotel Royal, Hotel Atlantic, Hotel Villa Provence, Hotel Guldsmeden, Hotel Ritz, Hotel Oasia, Hotel Wake Up, Zleep Hotel, Hotel Marselis, Hotel Scandic City, Hotel Scandic Vest, Hotel Radisson Blu, Hotel Plaza & Comwell Hotel. Hotel The Mayor. Hotel Radisson Blu i Silkeborg, Hotel Scandic i Silkeborg, Molskroen by Ebeltoft, Hotel Vægtergården by Ebeltoft, Sabro Kro, Årslev Kro, Odder Park Hotel, and Norsminde Kro.


The online guides and the printed edition of Go Aarhus are used by 1.4 million tourists staying at the hotels. The guests represent the following nationalities: 70% are Danes and 30% are foreigners from primarily Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Holland and the United States. The guests spend an annual DKK 2.6 billion in the municipality of Aarhus alone.